Keeping Your Carpet in Tip-Top Shape

It's not Rocket Science

Jul 24, 2017

To keep your carpet in great shape and looking good for as long as possible, it needs be cleaned and frequently. As far as professional cleaning goes, most carpet manufacturers reccommend a professional cleaning every 12-18 months. This is true for mostly low-traffic carpet as anybody who has pets or children knows. According to Shaun Hazelton owner of Hazelton cleaning a deep clean every four to six months is ideal for high traffic areas.

Frequent vacuuming between professional cleanings is necessary to keep your carpet in shape and will also greatly reduce dust and dust mites - super important if you have allergies.  There is a lot of advice online about how often you should vacuum but the rule of thumb so to speak seems to be twice weekly (or even daily - this is advice for those who don't work or are total neat freaks, am I right?) for high traffic areas. For low traffic areas a once a week vaccuming is usually sufficient.

Your best bet, if you know your carpet brand, is to consult with the manufacturer for advice and tips on cleaning and keeping your carpet looking great.