Keeping it Clean between Professional Cleanings

Some Quick Tips to Reduce Allergens

Jul 18, 2017

While nothing beats a professional cleaning, there are things in between cleanings you can do to reduce allergens in your home. 

  • Vacuum frequently. Vacuum twice a week (or at least once) to reduce surface dust mites. Cleaning can occasionally trigger an allergic reaction, so wear a mask when doing housework and use a vacuum with a high grade air filter. 
  • Dust! This helps control dust mites. By dusting and washing linens often, you can control the amount of dust mites in your home (and business).
  • Keep 'em out! We love our pets, but if you have allergies pet dander can really do a number on you. Animal saliva, skin, or pet dander cause allergies.  It's best to keep them outside, but if your pets live indoors keep them out of bedrooms.
  • Don't let outdoor allergies into your home. Pay special attention to window sills and doors. Keep them closed and change out your A/C filter regularly.

While the above tips won't eradicate allergens, they can go a long way to reducing your exposure and keeping you home clean!